Thursday, 5 November 2009

Further to the Turntable plus a new RDC

No photos this time. I will post some over the weekend.

The turntable is proving to be very frustrating. I seem to have messed up on the internal connections for the track power and the unit is all super-glued together so it's a major drama to take it all apart. Also, super-gluing the track rainls to the turntable deck is proving to be very flaky. they keep springing off so I will probably replace the deck with a piece of normal rail and re-wire the track connections.

My short line - the Sunset and North Eastern connects to a larger railroad, which exists as two lines coming from nowhere and going to the no place - I seem to remember that line from Popeye?. I thought it would be a good idea to have a twice daily Budd RDC travel in from ther connecting line and run through to the S&NE terminus. I went in search of a Proto 2000 RDC. A model shop here in the Uk had one on their EBay store at a delivered cost of £42 but I dithered too long and missed it.

I then went to Walthers and found that searching for a proto 2000 Buddf resulted in hundreds of hits which made it impossible to find what I wanted. If anyone can tell me how to use Walthers search and find what i want then that would be rteally useful.

Ifinally found an undecorated one on an EBay shop from A ustralia which sent it here at a total cost of £43 so I got a great deal.

problem - the RDC is scale length and does two things on my 'cr*py' track laying. At the bottom of one of the grades, it stretches oevr the transition and loses power and on one of my curves it stalls. I will take some photos of these two problems but it does highlight my inability to lay good track :-(

Thanks all for now - as I said, pictures over the weekend.


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