Thursday, 5 August 2010

So long since anything

I suddenly realised that it is ages since I did anything on the railroad, let alone write about it.

Firstly, I must tell you that 180 people have looked at my YouTube video showing the turntable working - fame at last.

For some reason, even when I have time, I don't go out to the shed. This is in spite of telling everyone for years what I would do if I had a permanent model railroad!

I did get out there recently and started to put some scenery up. I put up some back sheets and painted them a base colour ready to airbrush the clouds. I also started filling in the groundwork. I like to use gaffer tape to do the base work and then fill over that with Modroc (plaster imprgnated material).

In the meantime, I did try to put a couple of point motors onto the hidden siding and then control them from the DCC. I am using Peco surface mounted motors. However, they look a little flimsy to me so I was already a bit suspicious that they might not be powerful enough - even though I am using them on Peco points. True to form, the first one worked perfectly but the second cannot move the rails. I will probably replace both the Guagemaster SEEP motors, but yet again, I have to get out to the shed.

Suggestions as to what is stopping me - please!

Well here is where I am at the moment

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