Friday, 26 April 2013

Ellerby Branch track laying

The station is to be named Ellerby after a kind relative that I had never heard of who left me some money in her will. She deserves some thanks.

Firstly, here is the track plan that I am working to.
I have changed my mind about the track. Due to some silly circumstances, I ended up using the normal Code 100 track (all because one coach had coarse wheels - and it turns out I won't be using that coach!).

I am laying the track on a bed of cork which I am sticking down using a wonderfully named product - Gloop! This is a special adhesive specially formulated for sticking plastic card to wood. It works brilliantly with one flaw. Get it on your hands and it is the devil to get off. I have spent two days with sticky fingers (wasn't that the name of a pop group?).

Here is the status so far.

I am trying to keep the three boards as separate entities so that I can dismantle them for wiring underneath, etc. To show how this works, this is the join between the right hand board and the fiddle yard.

The track ends have been soldered to pieces of printed circuit board so that they don't get damaged when split.

I did find one enormous flaw. I saw a nice LNER/BR train in a special offer at Scograil. It comprised an N2 loco and two teak coaches and was celebrating the Olympics - the train in the set being from the 1948 Olympics. As you can see, the fiddle yard isn't long enough for this simple train to clear the point. Mind you, the fiddle yard board was built for N Scale train lengths. 

One of the first tasks this weekend is to add another 20" on this board to give both lines plenty of capacity.

I am having to go to the shop every day to pick up a bit more track. Each time I do, I pick up some more goods wagons so i am slowly building up my stock.

More tomorrow. I have to update the track plan as I have added an extra siding in the goods yard.

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