Sunday, 2 June 2013

Now we are moving on - at last

I spent the last two weeks doing quite a lot with the railway.
  1. I installed point motors on the fiddle yard along with a Digitrax accessory decoder board. This means that every single point is now operated via the DCC controller.
  2. I have created a list of NCE Macros that manage all the combination point movements. I still have to remember them all, though.
  3. I have painted the baseboard black as an undercoat - it still needs one more coat.
  4. I have painted the rails with a rust mix.
  5. I have painted the Peco sleepers with a combination of black and greys to tone down the shiny surface of the sleepers.
  6. I have fitted every item of rolling stock with Kadee couplers. I couldn't stand the complexities of the tension lock type. Now I can easily uncouple wagons with a small screwdriver and I can lift a wagon out without disturbing everything else.
  7. I have spent this last weekend making my first Metcalfe card kit. The Small stone station.
Here are a series of photos showing what the layout looks like now.

Next step is to start laying down some ground effects. I will do the Goods Yard first. This will be mostly cinders. Once, done, I will put some ballast in place that and see how we go about toning it all down. Should be good fun!

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