Friday, 20 March 2015

Let's get some real modelling - Pine Valley Station

Having worked out that I have about 17 things on the go at the moment, a kind soul on the Model Railroad Hobbyist Forum suggested that I allocate a whole week to each of the task. This seems a bit extreme so I have decided to dedicate one whole day to each task. Today is Model Railroading (of course!)

So, I have opened the Carolina Craftsman Kit of Pine Valley Station. There is a slight problem with this choice of kit in that the building is a bit small for the main depot of the S&NE. However, I have a story. The railroad is set in the 1950s. Way back in the 1930s within the Depression era, the railroad was struggling to keep a passenger service going between Hartford and Boston given that there were other routes served by the bigger railroads (the New Haven and the B&M). A quick trip to Springfield from Hartford and then across to Boston on a timetable that covered the whole day made that route the best choice. They closed down the service and for 20 years there was no passenger trains at all. In 1950, the New Haven decided - after consultation with the S&NE - to have a three times a day service in each direction from Hartford to Boston and back using one of their new Budd railcars over the S&NE. As the S&NE had demolished the station at Sunset  they pulled out an old design that they had and quickly erected a new station building. As the service was to be infrequent, they only only built a small station building - not expecting too much traffic.

Well, how am I getting on. It is is a fairly simple kit. Firstly, I put some bracing behind the walls.

Then, using a piece of mirror as a flat base, I stuck the walls together. BTW, I like Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue for jobs like this. It is very fluid and sticks very quickly. 

The final job, so far, was to spray the provided Tichy windows with Vallejo Mahogany Brown.

That's it for now. This afternoon, I intend to paint the walls and make the base. Watch this space.

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