Monday, 2 May 2016

Some thoughts on the way to go.

No sure what to do now.
I have been giving this some real thought as I can't face going through the whole EBay thing once again. I always end up having to put some money into the pot and I don't really have any at this time (having bought a new saxophone recently and changed all of our streaming speaker system). Additionally, I have an expensive DCC Heljan (Walthers) turntable that works but has a few bits broken which means that it would be a bit iffy to try and sell.
I am coming round to the thought that maybe I should give up on roundy/roundy and go for another terminus layout. The problem is that my fictional railroad has one end at Hartford CT and the other at Boston MA which leaves me struggling to create a terminus with any grounding in my "facts". My last layout was a for a small industrial yard which was easy to justify as being an offshoot of Sunset (which is, in itself, a through station). In the space I have now, I don't really want to make an industrial yard but neither do I want to build staging off both ends.
I could do the following but I would lose the Boston/Hartford B&M through freight - and I do like my B&M RS-3. The NH Budd would still work as it could just come into Sunset and out again.
Then my staging would be for both of the ultimate destinations although I could make the split on my board and have two tracks going into the staging.
This is what it would look like on the map.

I have put this out to the Model Railroad Hobbyist forums so I will see what they have to say.

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