Tuesday, 19 February 2019

The hills are alive with the sound locos!

Well, with four locos that have sound fitted, it can get a bit noisy. Actually, running is on hold until I get the last of the track, which should arrive tomorrow. Once that is here, I can finalise the fiddle yard and then start panning the traffic, etc. I am beginning to think about a little web program that I can run on a browser to organise the traffic. Valerie is raising her eyebrows saying "I thought that you weren't going to get the computer involved" but I can't see a better way to do it.

Here is where we are at the moment. The hillside over the tunnel is pretty much finished except for forestation. I need to buy a small supply of miniature trees - they give the impression of distance - but that will have to wait until my next budget run - early March! I have managed to get the cows in, which Valerie likes. However, I am planning to put a Faller fairground in that area so we shall see how it all ends up.

I have made up some trays for the freight wagons. There are actually two trays so far.

That's about it for now.

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metalmac said...

Nice! Looking forward following your progress!