Monday, 3 January 2011

Freight Station by Suncoast Models

Having mocked up some of the structures in box cardboard, I decided to have a go at making a kit that I picked up on EBay some time ago. Now, I have made a couple of laser cut wood kits but this one pre-dates such technology. This is a Suncast model which is basically a pile of scale lumber which needs to be cut to size and glued together.

Fortunately, I have an HO scale rule and an NWSL Chopper II so cutting to length and to angles, etc. is not too difficult. However, the instructions are another matter. As you can see, what you get is three sheets of typewritten instructions - presumably mimeographed, a double sided sheet of scale plans and a pile of lumber.

This one might take some time!

Late Update
I have just found out that this particular kit is still available - presumably in the same form as I have it. Amazing. This just shows the life possible in a good design.

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