Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Corporate Identity

Given that I have acquired my locos without reference to the road names, I now have 4 locos plus a Budd RDC all with different road names. This doesn't matter because I was never going to get any for the Sunset and North Eastern, given that I made up that name in 1970!

My loco roster now stands at the following:
Atlas GP-15 - Union Pacific
Atlas GP-15 - CSX
Atlas GP-9 - Northern Pacific
Bachmann RD-3 - D&RGW
Kato Budd RDC3 - Rock Island

I spent the last weekend stripping down the two GP-15s to their constituent parts, primed them and airbrushed them into S&NE Corporate colours for the mid-70s. I had previously, done a similar job on an Atlas Caboose. I intend to do the GP-9 and the RS-3 in similar colours but the Budd will stay in overall aluminium - I will just change the name down the side. So here is the results on the GP-15s and the caboose. I have yet to put the road names and numbers on them. My daughter has a colour laser printer at her work so I will cadge the use of that to print some decals.

I have mocked some of the ideas that I have for the road name style. Comments would be appreciated.

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