Saturday, 27 October 2012

Decals are all ready to go

I finally decided on the branding that I liked. You will see later in the post where I am going with this.

I have finished painting all of the locos and the cabooses (cabeese?).

Here is a shot of the four locos and two cabooses. They have all been coated with Johnson's Klear in preparation of adding the decals.

I went down to my daughter's school this afternoon. She has a very nice colour laser printer/photocopier there. I printed out an Adobe Illustrator page that I made yesterday. This was printed onto a sheet of clear laser decal paper.

Click on this for a larger image. This page contains loads of copies of decals that I need for the branding of Sunset North eastern (note I have dropped the 'and' from the name).

There are decals here for the GP and RS locos, some black logos for the RDC and lots of stuff for branding freight cars and cabooses. Lastly, there are some branding logos for reefers used by the 'Eastern Meat Packers' which is an SNE owned business. I have created a reporting mark EMPZ for this as EPMX and EPMY seem to be taken! On the sheet are lots of serial codes for freight cars and some weight lading details. These are all the same but I will use them on different cars on the basis that the lettering is so small that it won't show.

I am going to start applying the decals tomorrow afternoon so expect to see another post later tomorrow

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