Saturday, 10 November 2012

Getting the decals right.

I did place the red laser printed decals on the locos and cabooses but, as I was warned by Bill Brillinger, the grey showed through. So, I took his advice and had him rustle up some white ALPS printed decals to pace under a second set of red ones. This should solve the problem.

I am in the process of doing this and have all of the existing red decals overlayed with the new white ones.

Here is a photo.

This evening, I shall start placing the replacement red ones over the top.

I shall post the pics when I have some.

Later the same day......

Having tried putting the laser printed red decals over the white, it was generally agreed by the management - i.e. my wife, that the locos and cabooses looked better with the white logo. Off came the red and on went the matt varnish to seal everything in.

So we have now finalised the Sunset North Eastern look and feel. Grey bodies, red ends and white lettering. Looks good to me!

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