Thursday, 29 November 2012

Final cut of the corporate identity

Well after lots of effort and jiggery pokery, I finally have all of my freight cars branded as, I think, they should be. I went for SNRD as a reporting mark for the reefers and I have also re branded the hopper cars. I have to have a small extra go at renumbering the hopper cars as they all have the same number. I did the reefer changes using the white decal sheet with the red printed on it. I did the hopper car finishing touches by using the white sheet but putting the white SNE lettering on the left hand end onto a black square. Once they were matt varnished, the black outline didn't show.

Here is the whole train - it looks very good to my eyes and is good enough for me.

These are the hopper cars - these started out as PRR hoppers with the PRR logo, PRR reporting mark on the left and an orange ball in the top left hand corner. This is how they started out:

and this is how they look now:

and finally, the reefers:

If you really want to see them, warts and all, then double click on any image for a larger version.

Hope you like them because I do.

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