Friday, 14 December 2012

Next baseboard gets made

I was going to finish off the current board before we move and make the main board once we were in our new apartment. We have to be gone by June next year so that seemed a plan. However, I have been thinking about what the next board may be and found that I would have to change the existing boards. Thus I decided that it didn't make much difference when I made the new board.

So I have got on with it. The overall plan is make a new board that is 6' by 2'6" and attach the existing board to it as a terminus. I was intending to do away with the current fiddle yard ( or staging as you call it in the USA). However, I saw how I could meld it all into a single layout.

I will set out the track plan over the next couple of days but in the meantime, here are a couple of photos of the board under construction. As we are in rented accommodation, we can't attach anything to the walls so I have to be careful how I build it to be stable. The answer was to set the board onto an existing table. I have made the framework so that there is an inside run of framing that holds onto the table top to secure it in place. I have then extended the top outside of that with extra framing. As it happens, we bought a new bed frame the other day so I had all the wood from the old bed which included the two main side frames and all the slats from under the mattress. This wood all came in very handy.

Firstly, here is the photo of the framing underneath.

And here is the photo showing the framing all covered in with 6mm MDF

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