Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunset North Eastern RR N scale - all of the track is down

I have managed to complete all of the trackbed gradients, laid all of the track and converted the Sunset Yard, which was my main board until recently, into a terminus off the new board. As you can see, the new main board comprises two complete loops of the board, which is 6' x 2' 6" ( equivalent of 12 x 5 in HO. These two loops are connected by a single crossover which means that there is only one route from the Sunset Yard through to the staging, which will connect to the main track on the extreme left of the main board. The train will be able to travel around both loops as many times as the timetable requires. There are three stations on the way, all with their own set of industries. One of these does not have a runaround so each industry can only be switched in one direction (there is a reason for this that will become clear sometime next year).

This is a DCC controlled layout so needs a power bus installed underneath. To do this, I use self adhesive copper tape. I then install droppers, using tinned copper wire, from the track to the bus. I install the droppers one side at a time. I lay out all of the locations for droppers on the board and on a drawing and mark them up as A and B. I then drill all of the dropper holes and install droppers just on one side. I tick off each dropper as I solder it to make sure that I don't miss any.

As I have had problems before in getting dead areas or shorts, I install the droppers onto the bus one side at a time. As I will be working with the board upside down, I won't be able to check as I go along so it is important to have a clear check afterwards.

Well here are the shots of the two boards ready to be taken down to install the "A" side droppers. For the keen ones amongst you, there is a YouTube video here.

You Tube Video

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