Friday 17 October 2014

Another step forward in the iPhone world

Having played around with JMRI (Jave Model Railroad Interface) for a couple of weeks, I have managed to install it exactly as I wanted.

Firstly, I bought the NCE USB interface and got all that working on my iMac
2. I defined a panel and turnouts to interface to my Heljan/Walthers DCC turntable
3. Set up WiThrottle on my iPhone.
4. Got all of this going in a great way.

I then picked up a cheap laptop on Ebay - it cost me £6 ($10) with £8 ($13) postage.
I installed an old copy of XP onto it. Loaded up Java, JMRI and the correct USB/Serial port driver.
The Toshiba laptop works perfectly with the lid shut (the only thing wrong with it was that it had a broken hinge - hence the price - but as it will sit with the lid shut all the time, that shouldn't matter).
I have run up JMRI on it, imported my roster, set up the turnout configurations of the turntable and shut the lid.

I can now run the layout from the iPhone whenever I want without messing about.


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