Saturday, 11 October 2014

We have trees

The title reflects a blog post that I made back in June 2011 - We Have Trees. Unfortunately, I had to take that railroad down as we were planning to move house and the room had to go back to looking like a bedroom.

The same trees were saved and kept. Some of them have now been recycled into the corner of the current railroad.  In front, I have finished filling in the yard area with Sculptamold but yet to colour and detail it. I really like Sculptamold. I find it easy to mix and use. Plus, it is a very clean product so I don't get any peripheral mess and it washes off everything easily.

There is now a road along the front that crosses over into the yard. It is a back road so nothing much. The railroad crossing sign was copied from the official description of grade crossing requirement. These can be read HERE. This link contains more information than you will ever need about grade crossings! I tidied it up in Photoshop and then formatted it in Illustrator to get the correct size. The wood used on the crossing and the sign came from coffee stirrers courtesy of our local cafe - Isaacs here on the Ipswich Waterfront.

The rest of the crossing will be completed when I move to scenicking the rest of the yard.

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