Monday, 15 February 2010

Better scenery

I have now started laying down some scenic effects. I rather lost my way doing this because I realised yesterday that I had intended this to be an industrial layout. However, SWBO (She who must be obeyed) has kept on at me about having 'real' scenery that I put some hills and grass in before I realised my mistake. Now I have a small switching layout with 2 x GE 44 Tonner, running around between green hills. This is going to take some ingenuity coming up with something that makes sense.

Anyway, here are the photos. Some of the effects made from cotton wool need to be coated with ground foam to give them some texture. There is a lot of airbrushing going on here to get the various shades plus the worn look on some of the grass areas.

Obviously, I still have to build the trestle for the Sand and Gravel company that will replace the strip of hardboard (masonite) track board.

The Freight House really is the Bachmann one from the early pictures - do you remember that monstrosity in bright red and yellow plastic.

Don't forget that you can get larger images by double clicking on any photo - if you don't use the Firefox option of a new tab, you will need to do a back page in your browser to get back to the main blog.

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Edward said...

I followed a link you posted in the "Why is the hobby in trouble" thread on Your 'switching layout' looks like fun and Ioved the comment from SWBO (shouldn't that be SWMBO?). I'm in a similar frame of mind as I am in the early stages of designing a small switching/industrial layout. Wanting it all .. switching .. industries packed together .. AND .. scenery. Looking forward to your answer to why your GE 44 Tonners are running between green hills!