Tuesday, 9 February 2010

let's get some scenery down

Two major moves forward so far this week.

1. I have built the extension for the left hand 'fiddle yard' or 'Storage Siding' as those in the USA call it, making it sound really boring - smile. I am planning on adding another extension to the right so that I can run trains off the board at both ends. As I have physically run a loco off the end already, this should also preclude any accidents!

2. I have used some plaster/material roll - not sure of the proper name - to get some scenery down. I have down this in the traditional way by putting down some scrunched up newspaper, wetting the roll, and laying it over. Having seen a Woodlands Scenics masterclass on this, I carefully overlapped each piece about 50% to add strength. I then painted the whole baseboard with Timberland Forest Floor dye to get a uniform colour. Now comes the experiment, which half worked and half didn't.

Tamiya has brought out some new diorama texture paints so I got some for the shop knowing that it was best for me to use them first so that I could recommend or otherwise. I used the darker brown earth mix on all of the plaster hills. This is supposed to have a texture to it. It worked quite well but I used nearly the whole bottle on the little I did - the bottle costs £10 ($16) so i won't be using that again! Unfortunately, the flash has washed out the colour so it looks grey, but it is actually dark brown. Secondly, they do a green grass paint which is supposed to have some filaments that give the effect of grass. I have to say that having used it, I couldn't see this effect - it just looked like green paint to me. So that is back to the green flock of old.

So here we are. The railroad works and it has some scenery down. It has the full track layout and one fiddle yard. I am leaving the trestle over the Sand and Gravel pit for now. I ave started planning the industries. i will provide a full list of them next time.

Here is the extension

and now the new scenery

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