Sunday, 5 June 2011

When an idea becomes reality

I have two areas at the back of my railroad where the trains are nominally in a tunnel but I don't want to cover them in as I think I will occasionally need access. So, on thinking about this, I thought that I could put up a false backscene in front of each area.

I got some plastic card and rigged it to be the right length - airbrushed the blue with both me and my wife saying that the colour was wrong. I then airbrushed some clouds but made them more distinct than I did on the actual backscene. Fitting shouldn't be a problem using a hot glue gun.

So I finish and up I go to the railroad room.

This it what it looks like - Complete and utter rubbish. I am posting this in the interests of honesty - on my modelling blog I always show my failures as well as my successes - well this one is a 100% failure!

Needless to say, these will not last the day. Mind you I am not sure quite what to do as these two areas still need hiding. Thoughts anyone?

I have continued with putting the plaster down and have now put the main scenery in with a first coat of colouring. This is what the last area looks like:

The gap between the existing and new has a surface mount point motor in it. To cover this I have made a retaining wall. This is work in progress as it has only had one coat of paint so far.

Don'y forget - double click on any photo for a larger image in a new tab.

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