Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The plan proceeds - some track down but one glitch!

I have made the new baseboards and fitted them in place. The dowels I have used for alignment work very well such that I don't need any other fitting to make it all work.

Here is what it looks like at the moment.

Don't forget that y can double click on the picture and see a larger version for more detail.

I have got all the wiring in place for the track that is down and I have checked out the Digitrax unit. It is very nice and gives very accurate slow speed control. I have checked out my four locos. The GP9 and one GP-15 work very nicely but the other CSX GP-15 is very stuttery so probably needs its wheels cleaned. Currently, the programming track switch doesn't appear to work so I have a Kato Budd RDC which I can't test as I can't remember its DCC code!

Incidentally, I took the track laying and the wiring very slowly - as I now have all the time in the world for this. The track runs perfectly, even across the gap. I did the wiring in two steps - first one side of the rails and then the other and check both out independently. I managed it without any errors.

The next step is get the programming track fixed. The board to the right is the 'fiddle yard' and can be used either as part of the layout or as one big programming track using the big switch you can see on the front of the board. After that, I will get the rest of the track laid out and wired. I want to get this to the point I can run trains because I am still determined to develop 'Old Bill's Switch List' as a commercial package and need a running freight set up to test it out.

I intend to make most of the buildings from scratch so they will take some time.

I am going to enjoy this!

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