Monday, 9 May 2011

A lot of track laid and more to come

I went down to the local model railway shop - Scograil in Ipswich - and bought all the track on Saturday morning. I got a very good deal, by the way. I then spent much of Saturday afternoon and a lot of Sunday (excluding the F1 Grand Prix, of course) laying track. In N Scale, I am a great believer in hot glue guns!

Other stock - I now have 2 x Atlas GP15 with Digitrax replacement DCC circuit boards coming tomorrow. I have a single Kato Budd RDC which I think I can chip myself for DCC. I have around 30 freight cars and two Atlas kits for stations. I think I will need a few more freight cars but they can wait until I have it all up and running.

I have the basic  main route laid out with the exception of the final connecting track on the left hand end of the original N Scale board. I need this to complete the continuous run. However, as soon as the shop shuts at 4 pm, I am up there beavering away. Tonight, I hope to lay the rest of the track and start the wiring.

I seem to have made two mistakes. One is on the left hand incline - nearest the window, where I have cut the boards a bit too close and will have to add some outside extensions to provide a proper track bed. The second mistake is along the front of the new section where I have joined both loops with a crossover. I wondered why I was a couple of points short as this crossover shouldn't be there. I will correct that this evening along with the roadbed problem.

Photos to date (Click on them to see a bigger image):
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