Friday, 13 May 2011

The track is down

This should have been up last night but Blogger was down so...

I spent yesterday evening trying to get all of the track on the old part of the layout working. Remember that this was a stand alone N Scale layout so looking from one end, every right hand rail was connected to every other right hand - same for the left to left. This what is required for DCC operation. Unfortunately, i was going to put this in the middle of an oval so all of a sudden some right hands needed to be connected to left and - and so on for the other side of the track. Hence there was a lot of chopping of track connections and a lot of making new ones. This was complicated because, first the original wiring was done with the board upside down so it was beautifully crafted with copper wire and hidden wiring. Secondly, the track had been ballasted so it was hard to see where the track connections were. As I had built this board into the layout, I could no longer work on the underneath. I wish I had thought of this because I could have wired all this up before burying it into the new layout. Patience - what's that?

The photos relate to last night - you can see some temporary connections to show what was needed to sort out the last of the problems. the photos show the three locos (if you can refer to an RDC in such a way) so they have all been DCC sorted - see next blog.

Tonight, I have finished of the wiring fix and layed the last of the track. This means that tomorrow, I can do the last little bits of wiring and clear up. - Yes, that is my new iPad you can see!!

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