Tuesday, 28 July 2015

So that I can finish the track, I need to lay some scenery down

One of the features of the track layout is the sunken coal drops along the front. I have a Walthers Cornerstone National Fuel Depot kit.

As you can see, this comes with a berm leading up to some coal drops. I did plan to use this on my previous layout as I wasn't in a position to cut down into that. I was going to use it on this layout but a comment on the blog suggested that dropping the ground level would make it more interesting.

The good thing about foam board is that you can just cut away. So long as there is some adequate bracing in then everything stays nice and strong. So I cut away. This is where I got to.

I have cut away the base, built the trestle and the fuel tanks and got everything into place. I then gave all of the groundwork a covering of Sculptamold. Later this evening, I gave the fuel tanks a coat of Vallejo Aluminium, the wet and dry paper laid as a road a coat of german field grey and then used one of my airbrushes to spray a coat of brown all over the area.

Obviously, the wooden trestle and the fuel tanks won't stay like this and I haven't even started on the distribution building.I have lots of weathering pastels and washes to make it look as though it has been handling coal for years! The fuel depot will be used as a refuelling point for the SW7 as well.

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