Thursday, 9 July 2015

The baseboard is finished - ready for the next step

I have finished making the baseboards. Today, I fitted some adjustable bolts to the corners of each board. I then set the boards up on my work top in the hobby room and got everything at a matching level. Here you can see it in place.

Here is a close up shot of the levelling system. There is one of these on all eight corners.

The next step is to test out my new point motors. I have just purchased 7 of the nice DCC Concepts Cobalt IP Slow Action Digital Point Motors. These are nice units that have a decoder built in. Not only that, but they have a connection to manage the frog polarity plus two extra connections for LED outputs ti show point orientation. Very clever - and all for the price of a Tortoise. I am going to build a small test bed with a single point and two spurs to test out the wiring but also to test out the point motor fitting. As I am using foam board, I have to make good arrangements for the mounting otherwise the motor could, over time, break away. More on that tomorrow.

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