Monday, 19 August 2013

Bhynsell gets a plan

I have tweaked the plan that I came up with before. I have expanded the width of the board just a little and enlarged the fiddle yard area so that I can get a better radius on the main curve. I was playing around with the idea of getting a round-roundy bit  around the back but it was all getting a bit tight and a bit complicated. I don't want to give up on this because it is a complex project.

Right,so this is what I came up with.

Basically, it is a small terminus that connects to the outside world via the fiddle yard. It also has a small branch running off to the back to a slate quarry. Behind the station and behind the slate quarry will be vertical slate walls. The quarry is planned to be just 2" above the baseboard level. I have included a little siding in the quarry for other supplies to be taken. There will be room for two trains of 5 slate wagons (the PD 3 tonners). These will be taken up and down the hill without a brake van but when shifted out on the main line(?) they will be combined with other goods wagons and a guards van. I am also having a two coach passenger train to go in and out of the FY on an occasional basis. There will also be a workers morning and afternoon train to and from the quarry.

In addition, there is a quayside where fishing boats dock. The track there will be sunk into the cobble sets to make a roadside (a bit like Poole Harbour but not so big - grin).

I know that the gradient is a bit steep but my Chris Ward loco is well weighted and I have tested it with five slate wagons up a 1:24 - 4%-ish slope and it works for me. I will double test when laying the track so I don't get caught out.

I have been reading too many Iain Rice books as I have had a go at colouring up the plan with watercolours to get a better feel for what it will look like.


The run-around at the quarry is purposely "wonky". Having started a discussion about turntables, I decided that I like them so I have included a 90mm one. Whether this is the nice Kitwood Hill one or one that I make myself, I am not sure. I think it depends on how much the Kitwood Hill kit is as no price is mentioned on the web site.

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