Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Moving on with OO9

I am having a great time with this OO9 malarkey.  I bought a couple of yards of Peco crazy track, a Chris Ward "Prince" loco kit and a pack of 5 Parkside Dundas 3 ton slate wagons from the OO9 Society. The loco needed some flattening out as the 3D printing process leaves little ridges. The little wagons were intricate but I managed to get them together. I filled up a lot of the loco and its tender  with DeLuxe Materials Liquid Lead. I also put some on the underside of each wagon, making sure that I left room around the wheels.

As I am a committed DCC man, I fitted a decoder. I was going to get one of the tiny ones (at £30 each) but found out that there was tons of room inside the loco so I fitted a standard size Gaugemaster one which I had lying around. After painting everything up, I decided on a test to see what sort of gradient that the loco could manage with the 5 wagons behind.

Here is the result.

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