Thursday, 8 October 2009

Turntable in and running - sort of

I have mounted the turntable and wired it up. It works fine in one direction but it is not happy in the other. I think I must have missed a washer from the topside but I don't remember having anything left over so maybe not. I think that I will have to cut some styrene to make a washer, however, if I want it to run smoothly in both directions.

There are no rails on the turntable as these have to be laid using track gauges. I have ordered two Kadee ones but these only arrived today (I did the turntable work last weekend). This is a test to check that everything works with the weight of a loco on there. I used a diesel to make it easier to mount. Putting a 2-8-0 tender loco (see in the background of the video) would have been a bit trickier without rails.

Well here goes:

I now have the gauges so I am hoping to install the rails and the access track this weekend, so watch this space.

Monday, 5 October 2009

The turntable is in place

It doesn't work too well in one direction but fine in the other. I think that it needs some further support around the hub as it seems to rock too much. Maybe I left a washer out although I don't remember there being one left over.

Still it works.