Thursday, 9 December 2010

Oh my - I am really getting on

I must have straightened my brain because I am not only spending lots of time on scale models - I used to do 20 minutes at a time - but I am also spending 'hours' on the model railroad. I am amazed to see that it is only 10 days since I did my last blog entry which was discussing the wiring of the main track.

Well, this is where I am now. After some testing, I had to relay one piece of track and I have now built the two end extensions. That to the left is going to be my staging area and that to the right will be where I will eventually put the turntable. However, given the trouble I had with the Walthers one, I am going to construct a very simple one (won't even try to get it to look right - just to turn the locos for now) and eventually fit my dream one - there is a DCC indexed turntable out there which comes built up but costs $350! so that will have to wait :-)

Well, here are the shots of the current state of play.

I am close to having all of the track laid. There are just two wires to solder up and we can start thinking about the future.

I will, of course, start to work out the running patterns whilst I start to lay the ballast. I have to remember that this is rundown world so I need to get this right.