Monday, 19 December 2016

Herd of Cows?

Of course I have heard of cows -the old ones are always the best!

Two packs of HO cows arrived the other day along with some fencing from York Modelmaking.

These two together have pretty much finished off the top corner of the layout.

I have ballasted the yard tracks with cinders and the coloured the surrounding area with a lighter black to provide a psuedo-tarmac effect. The next job is to build up the area to the top of the yard as seen above. I am putting a fuel company there along with a refuelling point for the company diesels.

I am also scratch-building a perimeter fence for the yard.
I am making this using wooded stirrers from the local coffee shop (Costa not Starbucks!). You can see the Chopper that I am using to cut the wood. I have made about half of the number required.

I have just noticed that I still haven't fixed the join in the scenery around the corner. My friend Mark has painted a couple of extra back scenes so that I can get the join corrected. I also need to clean up the track and get some trains running again.