Sunday, 12 December 2021

My Model Railroad - reality

 When mother-in-law came to live with us, I traded my hobby room for some space at the end of our bedroom. Our flat has some really decent sized rooms. That's when I shifted to Maerklin 3-rail and had a ball. One day she says to me (she being my wife and known as SWMBO) "Can I have my bedroom back?" Up came the railroad and the bedroom got tidied up. SWMBO offered me some space in the living room so that is when the desk was put in place. First up, I built a little N scale switching layout but replaced that with a Kato Uni-track round-roundy which was coming along nicely. Then SWMBO says to me "Can I have my living room back?". 

Well, as SWMBO wanted her bedroom back and her living room back, I wasn't left with much space to move so all of the railroad stuff got packed away and the desk was put down the end of the bedroom. This took up much less space than the original railroad so SWMBO seemed to be happy. At least I had somewhere where I could do some modelling even though the railroad was out.

Guess what happened next? "Can I have my bedroom back?"  So, we sorted out the living room and brought the desk back into the same space as it left. However, this time it is purely the modelling desk from the bedroom so I am busy making lots of scale plastic models - See my "Gentle Scale Models" blog.

There is a future where I get my model room back but we don't discuss that for fairly obvious reasons. Even so, when I get it back, SWMBO wants some space for her Jigsaw puzzle activity so my railroad may be a bit constrained. I am trying to give a small amount of thought to it but it is difficult to get serious when I don't know when and I don't know how much room.

That's it for now. Keep checking Gentle Scale Models to keep up with that. I am shortly to start a new photography blog as I have recovered that hobby by obtaining a really nice Canon 90D DSLR. More later.

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